Team Gym 

TeamGym is a relatively new form of gymnastics and has only been in Great Britain since 1998, when the first British TeamGym Championships were held in Aldershot. Entries are in teams with a minimum of six and and a maximum of twelve gymnasts, which can be all male of female or mixed, with equal numbers of boys and girls. It consists of three events: a group floor routine with compulsory requirements; three tumbling passes; and three trampette passes, one of which must be over a vault. 

Group Floor 
The group floor event is a choreographed routine which involves all members of the team. It is set to music and must conform to certain requirements. It is then judged on technique, style, timing, suitability of music, etc. 

The tumbling must consist of six members from the team, where a different six must be used for each stream. All tumbling must be in quick succession so that there are always at least two people tumbling at any given time. There are three tumble runs, the first of which must be a compulsory tumble, the same for all of the gymnasts. The other two tumbles are voluntary for each gymnast, though one must be predominantly forward and the other backward. The order in which the gymnasts tumble is decided by the difficulty of their tumble as defined in the TeamGym Code of Points. As the tumblers progress they must intensify. This is also judged on difficulty, technique, style, timing and suitability of the music. 

The trampette is very similar to the tumbling in that the gymnasts must pass in quick succession and that one pass must be compulsory. Also, one pass must be made over a vaulting horse, which can be widthways or lengthways and set at a height between 120cm and 190cm, and, like the others, must intensify according to the Code of Points. The trampette is judged in the same way as the tumbling. 

Croydon School of Gymnastics and TeamGym 
Croydon School of Gymnastics' first involvement in TeamGym was with a Junior Boys' Team in 1998. This team was then added to in 1999 to form a Junior Mixed Team. Also formed in 1999 was a Senior Men's Team.