Gymnastics May Be Tough,

But the Life Skills Are Amazing


Gymnastics is hard! No one can dispute how much physical and mental assertion is required to be a good gymnast; even more so if you want to be great! All the hours of practice, long and tough workouts, and mental acuity not only to win competitions and awards, but this also teaches life lessons that help defines what type of person you become as an adult. Life lessons learned along the tough road of a gymnast would include: responsibility, discipline, strong mentality, respect, and dedication.


Conditioning makes strong gymnasts both physically and mentally. Gymnasts are some of the most responsible people you'll know. They need to learn to be on time to practice and compeitions and have all the necessary items needed for training and competitions. They know what is needed and where they should be at any given moment. This attribute carries over to school and work where they can be counted on to always do well.


Discipline follows right along with responsibility. Every gymnast knows that when they walk into the gym every day that they have only so much time to accomplish an overwhelming amount of tasks. A gymnast is disciplined enough to manage time well. This also includes time for chores, homework and rest. These squad gymnasts are focused on what they want and they are willing to forgo the extracurricular activities with friends outside of the gym in order to train seriously.


Practice for a gymnast can be brutal. It is important to be strong mentality to overcome any emotional let-down from not always having a perfect practice session. With coaches yelling corrections constantly, a normal person would soon feel discouraged and want to just give up. But, not a gymnast…they are tough mentality which helps them to pick themselves back up and try yet one more time!


A gymnast is also full of respect for their coaches, their parents and other gymnasts that they compete with and against. They know what it takes from all to achieve the level of gymnastics that they are at. This carries outside the gym to school, work, and home.


Success is the ultimate goal for every gymnast! Dedication is such a strong skill that a gymnast learns. The training can be brutal, sessions can be long. The strains, sprains, broken bones, and other injuries are hard to endure. Yet, a gymnast will be dedicated enough to hang tough; they finish the sessions and work though the injuries. Dedication is a requirement!


The life skills learned by a gymnast are essential in building strong friendships with other gymnasts and learning to work together as a team. Teamwork teaches the gymnast to work with others to achieve success. Success is the ultimate goal for every gymnast; success as a gymnast, success as a student, success in the workplace, and success in life.


Jackie Lewis

Head Coach & Director of Training