General Information

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                                                       Croydon School of Gymnastics is a thriving and popular club which has
                                                       grown in numbers and reputation.  Is is recognised as one of London’s top                                                           gymnastics clubs.  We hold classes six days a week and currently have a
                                                       membership of approx. 300.  The only way into the club is via our waiting
                                                       list with the exception of our drop in classes. If you are interested in
                                                       enrolling your child, please click here to complete the application form and
                                                       your child will be added to our waiting list.

                                                       We hope that everyone who joins the club will remain a member for many years. Every member will have the opportunity to develop their skills and progress through the various levels

of the club under the direction of our coaching staff who are professionals, and who have gained their qualifications through our National Governing Body (BG - BRITISH GYMNASTICS)

Whilst every member will have the opportunity to make it into a squad the majority stay within the recreational where they are encouraged to develop their strength, co-ordination and balance, whilst working towards various gymnastics awards. Then at the age of 16 they can move to our Adult Class. These members are the backbone of our club and we are as proud of their achievements as we are of all our competitive squad gymnasts.
Gymnastics is the basis of all sport, it can set a child up physically for life, it can be hard work, but it is also terrific fun. There is a great team spirit within the club, and we find all members whether beginner or advanced gain enormously in confidence as well as fitness and skill as they progress through the various grades.
The construction of the club is in the form of a pyramid with a broad base starting with our Parents and Toddler “Fun Gym” sessions with our squads forming the peak.  
Pictured below is the clubs “Pyramid Structure” showing each level within the club.







Floor & Vault Squad


Mini, Development &

Preparation Squads


Competitive Adults Squad 


Recreational Classes


Kindergarten Classes

Special Needs (Disabilities) Classes

 Parent & Toddler “Fun Gym



Please Note - Due to the Covid restrictions and social distancing, the club has had to completely restructure its timetable. We have re-programmed our classes in a way to accommodate our current members and those children who were offered a place before lockdown in March 2020. Therefore, this timetable may be subject to change.


Sadly, we are unable to run our Thursday Adults Class until the Government lift the restrictions for over 18’s. Our daytime Parent & Toddlers Classes will resume shortly, but for the foreseeable future we cannot run our Saturday Parent & Toddlers Class. Our kinder gym is now being used so we can operate a one way system within the club, and to avoid crossing over of people coming and going from the Centre.

We understand everyone’s eagerness to return to training, and we are doing our best to try and accommodate as many as our Centre will allow at this time.


Our first priority is to phase the return of our Recreational Members - w/c 26th April.

Then our Squads will return w/c 3rd May. Whilst we are settling these groups into our new routine and getting the club back up and running, we would kindly ask for your patience while we work out where we can schedule our Adults Session and our Parent & Toddlers as these classes need to be re-scheduled in and around the massive cleaning procedures we now have to follow. Below is a table showing our new structure of classes for our recreation and kinder members. Please note all these classes will be taking place in the main gymnasium.



































Membership to Croydon School of Gymnastics is payable when joining and is

renewable annually every January. This fee is non-refundable.

2021 Prices

Parent &Toddler - £20.00
Recreational & Squad - £65.00




British Gymnastics - Membership & Insurance

London Gymnastics - Affiliation to the London Region

P&T (Pre-School) - £15.00
Recreational (Bronze) - £20.00
Squad (Silver) - £30.00 


Insurance is payable when a child enrolls for a starter course, and then annually every September.

Once you have paid your BG Insurance/membership fee you will need to register with British Gymnastics via the link we send you. Once that has been done your child will be a BG member and insured to train at our club. You will in due course receive a membership pack direct from British Gymnastics containing your very own official welcome letter, certificate and membership card to show your child is part of our gymnastics community. Failure to register with BG will mean your child will not be insured to participate and cannot enter the Centre.



How your club membership fees are used?

We are a non-profit making club and our only income is generated through fees and membership.

We are committed into investing in gymnastics by: -


  • Creating opportunities to perform

  • Developing Gymnastics for All

  • Supporting the Competitive Pathway

  • Developing our coaches, judges and volunteers

  • Staging events

  • Safeguarding and welfare

  • Club management, audit, legal, finance, IT and administration


Q. If I decide not to continue with gymnastics part way through the year can I have a refund?
A. Unfortunately, the answer is no. Once enrolled into the club, the club pays British Gymnastics your Membership/Insurance fee and BG and neither the club or BG operate a refund policy.


Q. I have been out of the sport for some time, am I considered to be a new member?
A. Members who have been out of the sport for a full membership year are considered to be a new member. If you have been out of the sport for less than a full membership year, your BG membership will be treated as continuous and the full annual fee will be payable.


Q. My child is entering their first Regional competition in February and only have bronze membership as a recreational gymnast. What can I do?
A. We can upgrade BG membership to silver at any point in the year for a member to become a competitive gymnast. You will only be charged an upgrade fee as it will take into account the fee amount you have already paid.


Q. I haven’t received my membership pack. What can I do?

A. You should receive your membership pack direct from British Gymnastics as long as you have entered your address details correctly when registering your child. First logon and check the address you supplied to BG is correct and if you have moved you need to change your address or if the pack is returned undelivered to BG. If you believe your details are correct then you need to contact British Gymnastics to inform them that you have not received your child’s member Card. Telephone: 0845 1297129 or email: or write to: British Gymnastics – Ford Hall – Lilleshall National Sports Centre – Newport – Shropshire – TF10 9NB





















Due to Covid restrictions our reception is currently closed to parents and members. If you need to contact us, there is a 24 hours answering service. Please leave a short message with a contact number and someone will get back to you in due course. We would prefer it if you could email the club as our Club Manager is working from home and can respond to emails. Our reception staff will now be busy meeting and greeting gymnasts and dealing with registration, temperate checks and Covid questionnaires so are unable to answer calls. 

During normal times, our reception is open during the above times during term time - times vary during the school holidays.


To keep all our members and staff safe, the club now has a new payment system in place. Members can now make payments online via their membership portal. At the moment it has only been set up to take payments for fees and membership only.


Over the coming weeks we will be adding to that system where parents can pay for club uniform, badges, competition entry fees and events. However, payment for refreshments can only be paid for by cash. 


Parking is available at the centre but on a first come first served basis as the car park is shared with CALAT (Croydon Adult Learning & Training). Parking is forbidden in the 2 car parks either ends of the building. Cars parked in those areas may be clamped by the council. Would all members using the gym car park please be aware this is a drive in drive out car park. 


Enter through the Main Double Gates nearest the big Red Shutter Door, Turn Left and Park

Do Not Park outside the club Front Door Entrance or in any bays to the right of the double gate as this area is reserved for Staff Only. When leaving the car park, use the other gate at the end of the car park and not the one you drove in.


Trying to drive in and out of the same gate causes congestion in the road and also makes it very difficult to maneuver in the car park. Can members/parents also please refrain from using car park plots No.9-11, unless you have a small car. Those with a small car must drive up close to the wall otherwise it makes it difficult for cars to pass when driving out of the car park.


Croydon School of Gymnastics cannot accept any liability loss or damage caused to any vehicle parked in the car park. Vehicles are left entirely at owner’s risk.


Please be advised that in accordance with British Gymnastics and the Club’s Ethics & Welfare Policies, members of staff and coaches are Not Allow to take parents or gymnasts in their cars.

This includes transporting to and from the gym and/or to competitions & events. The only time this is permissible is when the club has organised a special outing, training camp or trip and the drivers have been checked and special permission has been granted from British Gymnastics.


We therefore request that parents do not put a coach in an embarrassing position by asking them to transport you or your child. Failure to comply with this guidance will be considered as a serious breach of BG & CSOG Policies and may result is suspension or terminating of membership/employment. We thank you for your co-operation.