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 Croydon School of Gymnastics is a thriving and popular club which has grown in numbers and reputation.  Is is recognised as one of London’s top gymnastics clubs.  We hold classes six days a week and currently have a membership of approx. 400.  The only way into the club is via our waiting list with the exception of our drop in classes. If you are interested in enrolling your child, please click here to download the form and send it to us so your child can be added to our database. 

We hope that everyone who joins the club will remain a member for many years.      Every member will have the opportunity to develop their skills and progress through the various levels of the club under the direction of our coaching staff who are professionals, and who have gained their qualifications through our National Governing Body BG (BRITISH GYMNASTICS)
Whilst every member will have the opportunity to make it to the top the majority stay within the basic, recreational and teen-adult classes, where they are encouraged to develop their strength, co-ordination and balance, whilst working towards various gymnastics awards.  These members are the backbone of our club and we are as proud of their achievements as we are of all our competitive squad gymnasts.
Gymnastics is the basis of all sport, it can set a child up physically for life, it can be hard work, but it is also terrific fun. There is a great team spirit within the club, and we find all members whether beginner or advanced gain enormously in confidence as well as fitness and skill as they progress through the various grades.
The construction of the club is in the form of a pyramid with a broad base starting with our Parents and Toddler “Fun Gym” sessions with our squads forming the peak.  
Pictured below is the clubs “Pyramid Structure” of recreational and pre-school classes including our disabilities class which are the strong foundation of the club working up to our competitive squad gymnasts.





Artistic Squads



Floor & Vault Squad


Development & Prep Squads


Competitive Adults Squad 


W2-T2 & S3 Recreational Classes


W1-T1-F1-S1& S2 Recreational Classes



K10 – K11 – K12 & K1 Kindergarten Classes



Saturday Special Needs (Disabilities) Classes



Wed/Thu & Sat Parent & Toddler “Fun Gym”


Pre-School Classes

We offer structured Kinder classes for children (Born 2014 & 2015).

Saturday 10:15 am – 11:15 am 

Saturday 11:15 am – 12:15 pm 

Saturday 12:15 pm – 1:15 pm 

Cost £90.00 per child per term


Disabilities Class

Gymnastic & Movement for People with Disabilities - Children’s Class on: -

Saturday: 1.15 pm – 2.15 pm

Cost £90.00 per child per term

Recreational Classes

In addition to our Kindergarten Classes, we offer classes for older children,

Classes for Juniors (Born 2010 - 2013) 

Wednesday 4:30 pm – 6:00 pm 

Thursday 4:30 pm – 6:00 pm 

Friday 4:30 pm – 6:00 pm 

Saturday 9:00 am – 10:30 am 

Saturday 10:30 am – 12:00 pm 

Cost £120.00 per child per term


Classes for Seniors (Born 2004 - 2009) 

Wednesday 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm 

Thursday 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm 

Saturday 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm 

Cost £120.00 per child per term


Adults Class - Age 16 - No upper age limit

We also have a class for Teenagers 16+ and Adults

Thursday 7:45 pm – 10:00 pm

Cost £15.00 weekly


Alternatively you can purchase admission tickets in advance

Block booking for 5 weeks costs £75.00 and includes 1 free class

Block booking for 10 weeks costs £150.00 and includes 3 free classes



This includes British Gymnastics Membership/Insurance & London Gymnastics affiliation fee. Membership is payable when joining and then annually. Insurance cover runs from 1st October to 30th September. Once we have received your membership fees and have processed your annual data sheet we will register your child with British Gymnastics so that they can be insured to train at our club. You will receive a membership pack direct from British Gymnastics containing your very own official welcome letter, certificate and membership card to show your child is part of our gymnastics community. Failure to make insurance payments will result in gymnasts being omitted from training as they will not be insured to participate



How your membership fees are used?

We are a non-profit making club and our only income is generated through fees and membership.

We are committed into investing in Gymnastics by: -


  • Creating opportunities to perform

  • Developing Gymnastics for All

  • Supporting the Competitive Pathway

  • Developing our coaches, judges and volunteers

  • Staging events

  • Safeguarding and welfare

  • Administering gymnastics

  • Club manangement, audit, legal, finance, IT and administration


Q. If I decide not to continue with gymnastics part way through the year can I have a refund?
A. Unfortunately, the answer is no. Once enrolled into the club, the club pays British Gymnastics your Membership/Insurance fee and BG do not operate a refund policy.


Q. I have been out of the sport for some time, am I considered to be a new member?
A. Members who have been out of the sport for a full membership year are considered to be a new member. If you have been out of the sport for less than a full membership year, your membership will be treated as continuous and the full annual fee will be payable.


Q. My child is entering their first Regional competition in February and only have membership as a recreational gymnast. What can I do?
A. We can upgrade membership at any point in the year for a member to become a competitive gymnast. You will only be charged an upgrade fee as it will take into account the fee amount you have already paid.


Q. I haven’t received my membership pack. What can I do?

A. If you paid your annual membership on time (Beginning of the September Term) then you should receive your membership pack direct from British Gymnastics by the end of November. If you paid late then you may have to wait until January for this to be processed. Those who join the club midway through the year should receive their pack within a month of joining.


All members are registered to the address you supply to the club. Should you change your address or if the pack is returned undelivered to BG then it is sent to us. Otherwise you will need to contact British Gymnastics to inform them that you have not received your child’s member Card. Telephone: 0845 1297129 or email: information@british-gymnastics.org or write to: British Gymnastics – Ford Hall – Lilleshall National Sports Centre – Newport – Shropshire – TF10 9NB


Annual Club Membership Fees

£25.00 for the Parent & Toddler’s Classes

£80.00 for all Recreational Club Members

£95.00 for all Competitive Gymnastics




Each term is based on a minimum of 10 sessions per term, any additional classes are considered free of charge therefore if the club has to cancel any class due to unforeseen circumstances “No Refunds” will be given. Fees letters are emailed out to members who have supplied us with email address and a hard copy is handed out the last class of each term.  Any member who is absent from that class will have their letter posted to them. To benefit from the early discount fees must reach our Treasurer on the date stated in the letter, this date is always prior to the commencement of the following term.


As you will appreciate the club welcomes prompt receipt of member’s fees as this saves on the club’s administrative costs and in turn the club is then able to keep fees to a minimum. The club has huge overhead costs running the Centre, building maintenance, repairs in the gym and of course paying the coaches. We have a very tight budget to work to so when members/parents do not pay fees on time this has a knock on effect and our coaches often have had to wait for their payment.

The club has therefore had to impose strict rules about payment of fees. No one will be allowed into the gym to train unless their fees have been paid. You can either pay in one lump sum or in two installments. Non payment will result in that members place will be offered to another child on our waiting list.


Once a child has been allocated a place in a class regardless of the number of classes they actively take part in, the full fee for that class is still due. Discounts are not given if all the hours are not taken up. (Payment is for the space in that class and the level of coaching, not the hours a child is taking part in. If the hours for a particular class either increases or decreases the fee for that class will be re- calculated.


Should any parent have difficulties in paying fees, this should be discussed in the first instance with the Office Manager/Club Treasurer.


Any gymnast wishing to leave the club is required to give half terms written notice and a letter should be addresses to the Club Treasurer.

Please note - Emails WILL NOT be accepted as official notice. Notice is required so that it gives the club the chance to fill that space and keep fees at an affordable level for all.

















Our reception is open on during the above times during term time - times vary during the school holidays. Payments for uniform, badges, competition entry fees, events, refreshments, fundraising & sundries can be made via cash, credit or debit card via reception or over the phone (Telephone 020 8683 1885). There is no charge for using a credit or debit card.  


Q. What happens if I miss a payment?

A. If you are paying in instalments for any goods/trips or events which you have committed to and we are debiting your card for, but your bank declines it, we will to let you know.  We understand that sometimes mistakes happen so we will attempt to take the payment again 7 days after the original instalment date. When we attempt to take the payment again and your bank declines, we will add a charge of £15.00 to your outstanding balance which will be payable immediately, along with your missed instalment.


We will attempt to collect an instalment three times before handing it over to a debt collection agency. On the second and third attempt we will add £15.00 charge to your account. If you have still not paid, all outstanding payments due (the missed instalments and any future instalments otherwise due at a later date) will be payable immediately in full. Failure to settle the account will result in legal action being taken against you and any legal fees and costs will be added to your debt.


The club requires half terms notice if you wish to withdrawn your child from the club and terminate their membership. Failure to abide with this rule will result in a half terms fees being payable in lieu of notice.


If you do not inform the club your child wishes to leave, we will continue to invoice you and you will be liable for the full payment whether your child has attended any classes or not, due to the space your child is taking within his/her class.


During the notice period gymnasts transferring to another club cannot train at their new club until the end of their notice period and their account must be cleared of any outstanding debts/ monies owed to the club.


The correct procedure to follow is to send a letter to: -
The Club Treasurer: Miss Gemma Mills

Croydon School of Gymnastics

Strand House

Nursery Road

Thornton Heath



Giving Notice

If you hand written notice in at the beginning of term then fees must be paid till half term.

If you hand written notice in at half term then fees must be paid till the end of term.

If you hand written notice in at the end of a term then fees must be paid for half the following term. All fees are non- refundable.


In your letter please state reasons for leaving and include a stamped addressed envelope so as an acknowledgement can be sent to you confirming that we have amended our records. Replies are usually sent out within 7 days providing there is a SAE included. The onus is on you the member/parent to see that we have received this notification.

If for any reason you have not received acknowledgement of your letter within 7 days please contact us immediately, on 0208-683-1885.


Please read our terms and conditions of membership and the club’s rules and regulations in the Club Information Booklet. These terms you have agreed to when signing your child’s Annual Date Sheet & Club Contract. Those who do not comply with this rule will be in breach of contract to the club and will therefore be invoiced a half terms fees in lieu of notice.


Written notice will only be accepted if signed by a parent

It will not be accepted if written by a member under 18 years of age.

Emailed notices are not reliable and therefore the club

WILL NOT accept these as official notice.

Notice must in the form of a written letter, signed and dated with a SAE enclosed for acknowledgment.


The club went paperless where possible to be able to keep training fees down. Fees letters are sent via email, therefore it is imperative that the club has all members "Annual Data Sheet" with that members details and information along with an email address.

We kindly ask that parents & members inform us of any changes to during the membership year. 

Invoices are also sent via email, however if we have to send out a paper bill there is a charge of £1.50 that will be added to your account and a "Late Payment Fee" @ £15.00 plus £5.50 administration fee will be added to the members account.



Parking is available at the centre but on a first come first served basis as the car park is shared with CALAT (Croydon Adult Learning & Training). Parking is forbidden in the 2 car parks either ends of the building. Cars parked in those areas may be clamped by the council. Would all members using the gym car park please be aware this is a drive in drive out car park. 


Enter through the Main Double Gates nearest the big Red Shutter Door, Turn Left and Park

Do Not Park outside the club Front Door Entrance or in any bays to the right of the double gate as this area is reserved for Staff Only. When leaving the car park, use the other gate at the end of the car park and not the one you drove in.


Trying to drive in and out of the same gate causes congestion in the road and also makes it very difficult to manoeuvre in the car park. Can members/parents also please refrain from using car park plots No.9-11, unless you have a small car. Those with a small car must drive up close to the wall otherwise it makes it difficult for cars to pass when driving out of the car park.


Croydon School of Gymnastics cannot accept any liability loss or damage caused to any vehicle parked in the car park. Vehicles are left entirely at owner’s risk.


Please be advised that in accordance with British Gymnastics and the Club’s Ethics & Welfare Policies, members of staff and coaches are Not Allow to take parents or gymnasts in their cars.

This includes transporting to and from the gym and/or to competitions & events. The only time this is permissible is when the club has organised a special outing, training camp or trip and the drivers have been checked and special permission has been granted from British Gymnastics.


We therefore request that parents do not put a coach in an embarrassing position by asking them to transport you or your child. Failure to comply with this guidance will be considered as a serious breach of BG & CSOG Policies and may result is suspension or terminating of membership/employment. We thank you for your co-operation.



TEL: 020 8683 1885




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