General Information

Croydon School of Gymnastics is a thriving and popular club which has grown in numbers and reputation.  Is is recognised as one of London’s top gymnastics clubs.  We hold classes six days a week and currently have a membership of approx. 300.  The only way into the club is via our waiting list with the exception of our drop in classes. If you are interested in enrolling your child, please click here to complete the application form and your child will be added to our waiting list.

We hope that everyone who joins the club will remain a member for many years. Every member will have the opportunity to develop their skills and progress through the various levels

of the club under the direction of our coaching staff who are professionals, and who have gained their qualifications through our National Governing Body (BG - BRITISH GYMNASTICS)

Whilst every member will have the opportunity to make it into a squad the majority stay within the recreational where they are encouraged to develop their strength, co-ordination and balance, whilst working towards various gymnastics awards. Then at the age of 16 they can move to our Adult Class. These members are the backbone of our club and we are as proud of their achievements as we are of all our competitive squad gymnasts.
Gymnastics is the basis of all sport, it can set a child up physically for life, it can be hard work, but it is also terrific fun. There is a great team spirit within the club, and we find all members whether beginner or advanced gain enormously in confidence as well as fitness and skill as they progress through the various grades.
The construction of the club is in the form of a pyramid with a broad base starting with our Parents and Toddler “Fun Gym” sessions with our squads forming the peak.  
Pictured below is the clubs “Pyramid Structure” showing each level within the club.







Floor & Vault Squad


Development &

Preparation Squads


Competitive Adults Squad 


Recreational & Adults Classes


Kindergarten - Structured Pre-school Classes

Special Needs (Disabilities) Class

 Parent & Toddler Soft Play “Fun Gym"