Disabilities Gymnastics
Croydon School of Gymnastics holds a class every Saturday afternoon during term time only for children with disabilities or special needs. The aim of these classes is so that children with learning or physical disabilities and who have special needs can enjoy the freedom and experience that gymnastics and movement. The class offers a secure environment with specialised equipment including a trampoline, under the direction of our coaches who are qualified to teach gymnastics to children with disabilities. 

In addition to this our top Disabilities National Champion will also be on hand helping in the classes offering visual display so as others can draw from his experiences within the sport. Philip who is now aged 37 years has been a member of our club since the age of 3. Although the club does already integrate children and adults with mild disabilities into our main stream, these classes will cater for children that would find it hard to cope in mainstream and who need more one to one coaching. 

If a school or group wishes to attend (Up to a maximum of 12 people) to a 1 hours class with 2 leaders or teachers in attendance the cost is £60.00. Bookings will need to be made in advance and a deposit of £20.00 will secure your day and time allocation. This is a non refundable deposit should your group not turn up at the time you have booked the session for. 

A special class or group session would take place under the supervision of qualified coaches and it will be imperative that a teacher, carer, or parent stays during the full session to assist and act as support back up to the coaches. 

If your school/club wishes to book a special session then please call us on 020 8683 1885 or email us at croydonsog1@btinternet.com 
Special Olympics Set Routines
Women's Special Olympics Level 1-1.jpg
Women's Special Olympics Level 1-2.jpg
Women's Special Olympics Level 1-3.jpg
Men's Special Olympics Level 1-1.jpg
Men's Special Olympics Level 1-2.jpg
Men's Special Olympics Level 1-3.jpg