COVID-19 Risk Assessment

We have undertaken a thorough risk assessment for reopening with the risk of Coronavirus, if you wish to see the full assessment click the pdf file below.

To help keep all members and staff safe whilst at the club, we have introduced several policies to help minimise any risk of infection or transmission of Covid-19. We thank you for taking the time to read the procedures below and your co-operation in following them. 


Details of the measures are listed below and we request that you familiarise yourself with them for when we reopen.



Please do not attend your class if you have shown any symptoms listed by the NHS or have been in contact with anyone showing symptoms for at least 14 days since the last sign of any symptoms. Keeping any cases of Coronavirus out of the gym is the most effective way of preventing transmission, and so by attending, you are disclaiming that to the best of your knowledge, you should not be isolating as specified by the UK Government.


Symptoms include

• A high temperature

• A new, continuous cough

• A loss or change to your sense of smell or taste


To help prevent any infection entering the building, gymnasts will be met at the front door outside by a member of staff. Upon entering, the staff will take the temperature of everyone entering the building using an infra-red non-contact forehead thermometer. All staff will also be temperature checked. This is so we can ensure that nobody entering the building has a high temperature which could indicate the presence of the COVID-19 virus. If a high temperature is read (above 37.8 degrees Celsius), this will be checked again. If the second reading is a high temperature, then we will request the gymnast or parent to wait for 5 minutes outside before we then test the temperature again. If it is still high after the 5 minutes, then unfortunately you will not be allowed to come into the building. 


We have done rigorous testing on this, and these temperatures should not be met by it being a hot day, or if you have run from the bus or cycled to the gym, however the extra 5 minutes will allow any discrepancy to be neutralised. At this temperature, it is a fever and not just feeling hot.


Whilst we understand that people may want to be attending their class, if they are experiencing temperatures at this level, following London Gymnastics advice, you will not be allowed in.


Staggered entrance and exit times

Social distancing is one of the main measures that we must meet. Because of this, we have had to reduce the number of people within the building. The reception waiting area can no longer be used. So, we will be introducing staggered entrance and exit measures. Classes for the immediate future have been shortened in length, for the safety of your children.


When arriving, we request that you do not arrive before your class start time as you will not be allowed into the building prior to that. The gymnasts will have time before class starts to go to the toilet and sanitise their hands. When they enter the gym they will go straight to their allocated coat peg.

We have created a one way system in the Centre to enable the gymnasts to move around without any crossing over of other children. Due to this, we request that all gymnasts arrive wearing their leotards with only one layer over the top as there will be no where to get fully changed. If wearing a coat whilst queuing, parents are required to take them with them. At the end of their session the children can then gather their belongings and put shoes back on etc., and leave the building through the exit in the kinder gym so as not to cross with the next group entering the building. We request that you are ready to collect your child outside arriving 10 minutes before the end of your child's class, whilst considering social distancing. Prompt arrival and collection is vital to ensuring the correct social distancing is met.

Gymnasts arriving more than 15 minutes late for their session will not be allowed to enter.

After your child has had their temperature checked and has been registered into their class, we ask parents to leave promptly and not congregate in the car park.

No parents allowed within the building

Unfortunately, parents will not be allowed into the building for social distancing reasons, unless they are attending a parent & toddlers class, in which case only one parent per child is allowed into the building. We request that no other children are brought with you, however we understand that there may be some situations where this is unavoidable.


If you need to enter the building for any reason, you will need to pre-book an appointment via email to the Club Manager - Mrs Gemma Allison, that way our staff will be expecting you, and can let you into the building when it is safe to do so.

Due to there being no waiting within the building, it is imperative that we have your correct and up to date contact numbers and that you are reachable for the duration of your child's session.


Car Park

Please note the car park can no longer be used by club members and due to social distancing please DO NOT congregate in the car park. Please do not come to the front of the building until it is time to come in for your session. When the children are being dismissed, please do not gather closely outside the the exit door as it makes it harder for the children to see their parents and for everyone to social distance. 


Face coverings

In accordance to government guidelines all adults who come into the building, must wear a face covering. No face coverings will be worn during training due to the associated risks as social distancing will be kept enforced. To help maintain safety, coaches will also be wearing face coverings whenever there is a risk of reduced distance between themselves and any members.


Parent & Toddlers

Upon entering the building, including whilst waiting during the class, all parents/guardians must wear face coverings unless you are exempt. 



To help keep your children safe, we have increased our cleaning procedures and implemented some additional cleaning measures to help prevent any transmission of the virus. We are cleaning high touch areas between sessions, and then doing a daily clean of each gym and area used. Some of the extra cleaning measures we have invested in include, sterilizing sprays which we can safely spray over equipment and leave to dry, and a fogging machine which leaves a 28 day residual that can sterilize harder to clean areas. All of these are either safe to use around children or will not be used whilst there is anyone in the building and will be safe to use immediately again afterwards.


During the sessions there will be increased handwashing and use of hand sanitiser, if you wish to provide your child with your own hand sanitiser, you are more than welcome to, and they will keep this with them and can apply it when required. If a child brings in their own sanitiser, it will be used only by themselves and will not be allowed to be shared.


We are confident that we are meeting all requirements to help keep your child safe and minimise the risk of the virus being transmitted.



Due to our effort to reduce transmission, we are now going cashless for the foreseeable future, and we will no longer be selling tuck. All payments for fees, membership etc., must be paid in advance via our online payment system. 


Privacy Policy

We have updated our privacy policy, due to the government and NHS test and trace, we may need to share registers of everyone that has been into the building on certain days if requested. This information would only be shared with the relevant authorities if required. The updated privacy policy can be seen on our club policies page.

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Risk Assessment

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