Gymnasts Agreement 

Croydon School of Gymnastics is fully committed to safe-guarding and promoting the well-being of all its members.  The Club believes that it is important to create a safe environment, to give all gymnasts attending the club a fulfilling and enjoyable gymnastic experience, to strive to provide the opportunity for members to achieve their gymnastic potential and to improve the physical wellbeing, posture, co-ordination, concentration and confidence of all participants.


  • Gymnasts should show respect for the gymnastic environment, equipment and other participants or competitors and should follow instructions given by the coaches or other officials.

  • Gymnasts should be on time for training and competitions and inform their coach or ring the Club if they are going to be late or absent. 

  • Gymnasts should inform their coaches before training commences if they are injured or unwell. Suitable clothing should be worn to all training sessions and long hair must be tied back tidily.

  • Jewellery must be removed before training.

  • No shoes or trainers are to be worn in the gym and food, drinks and chewing gum should never be taken into the gym.

  • Bullying or inappropriate language or behaviour will not be tolerated.

  • Any incidence of bullying will be investigated and may result in disciplinary action being taken.

  • The Club encourages self-discipline in our gymnasts.


Any gymnast failing to maintain an acceptable standard of behaviour may face disciplinary action, which could include the withdrawal of some privileges or even a period of suspension.


As a member of Croydon School of Gymnastics, you are expected to abide by the following club rules: -

  • All gymnasts must participate within the rules and respect all staff, coaches & judges and their decisions.

  • All gymnasts must respect opponents and fellow club members.

  • Gymnasts should keep to agreed timings for training and competitions or inform the club if they are going to be absent or delayed.

  • Members must wear club uniform for training and events.  All long hair must be tied back, and all body jewellery must be removed.  The gymnast will not be allowed to participate while wearing jewellery no matter how recently the piercing took place and artificial nails must not be worn.

  • Members fees for training or events must be paid for promptly.

  • Members must not smoke, consume alcohol or take drugs of any kind whilst representing the club at competitions or other events.

  • Members should treat all equipment with respect.

  • Members must inform the club and/or the class lead coach of any injuries or illness that they may have had prior to the warm-up.

  • Members must not eat or chew gum in the Centre.

  • Members must not use bad language.

  • Members should remain with coaches at the end of a session until collected by their parent or guardian.

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