Parking &Transport


In line with our Covid-19 Risk Assessment, and for the safety of our gymnasts, the car park will remain closed to parking for the foreseeable future. As from September both gyms will be in use as our Disabilities and Parent & Toddlers classes restart. Therefore, as we will still be using the exit door to the Kinder Gym the car park will be busy with parents, gymnasts and staff arriving and leaving, so their will be no room for people to drive in and out or park their cars. We kindly ask for everyone to co-operate and to make other arrangements for parking or alternatively use public transport or walk to the gym.


Please be advised that in accordance with British Gymnastics and the Club’s Ethics & Welfare Policies, members of staff and coaches are Not Allow to take parents or gymnasts in their cars.

This includes transporting to and from the gym and/or to competitions & events. The only time this is permissible is when the club has organised a special outing, training camp or trip and the drivers have been checked and special permission has been granted from British Gymnastics.


We therefore request that parents do not put a coach in an embarrassing position by asking them to transport you or your child. Failure to comply with this guidance will be considered as a serious breach of BG & CSOG Policies and may result is suspension or terminating of membership/employment. We thank you for your co-operation.